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Welcome to Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic

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Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic is northern India’s most advanced and experienced homoeopathic Clinic and has proven an unmatched track record with all types of diseases across the world. Dr. Thind has a personal experience of 20 years and has been using the expertise and special formulations of past four generations.

We use standard medication protocols and imported quality medicines for dispensing the medicines for best homoeopathic results.


We provide treatment for acute, chronic, rare and incurable conditions of the disease. We take the detailed case history of the patient and provide the top most services. We also provide online consultation and dispatch medicines all over the world.

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Have You Been Missing An Authentic Homeopathy Treatment ?

Have you been getting a treatment that is temporary and mostly ineffective? Its time to turn to Dr. Thind’s Homeopathic for the only treatment you will ever need. We are so confident of our treatment, that unlike other clinics, we don’t lock you for months or years.


Dr. K.R.S. Thind

Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a researcher, scientist, empiricist and one of the top Homoeopathic doctors in the world. Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a very dedicated and compassionate doctor. He has very strong work ethics and dedicates his 100% to his job towards patient regardless of how tired or busy he is and what is going on in personal life.

He has all the essential qualities of a physician. He has utmost knowledge, confidence, humility and compassion towards his profession. Dr. Thind aims at improving the research work in Homoeopathy.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a global name in the homeopathic field and has worked with top homeopathic doctors of the world. The foundation of his experience is solid along with his great determination and faith.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind started his practice in 1998 and utilized all his knowledge in a lifetime to contribute to the field of Homoeopathy.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind is the first choice of the patient from northern India and abroad because of a new fourth generation, rapid, gentle, and permanent homeopathic cure with latest and best quality German and American homeopathic medicines and laser techniques.


The Homoeopathy research work is an innovative charity created to meet the needs for high quality, scientific research and related results in practice. Dr. Thind has done great deal of Homoeopathic research in the field of Homoeopathic research and contributed in number of diseases….

  5. Joint pain/Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
  9. Atopic Dermatitis
  10. Bronchitis/Asthma

He has updates and records of collection of evidences and its analysis with their carefully drawn protocols. He carries all clinical work in his subject of Homoeopathy and collects evidences so that the outcome is INTERNATIONALLY accepted and published. He has done complete research in more than 200 topics and as successfully submitted paper work with keywords, evidences and research methodology. All his research work results in evaluation of role of Homoeopathic medicines and add on to wonderful results in the therapy and treatment of patients.

Dr. K.R.S Thind

“Highly skilled scientific research work and analysis.”

…by Dr. K.R.S. Thind

Hall of Fame

Awarded to Dr. K.R.S Thind

Our Staff

Dr. Thind’s team

Dr. Thind’s homeopathic Clinic is successfully being run by Dr.
K.R.S. Thind and Dr. Prabhjot Thind, four junior doctors and a team
of 15 paramedical staff.

ParaMedical staff

The paraMedical staff is a team of 15 staff members with some
members working for more than 25 years. They all are skilled
workers dispensing medicines with keeping all the Medical
conditions intact and following the basic instructions and rules of
preparing medicines.




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Number of Doctors

History down the Lane…

“ We use formulations inherited from forefathers and hence we don’t fail to provide a speedy and permanent cure to our patients”

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  • Dr Thind is a blessed man, intelligent Dr and a humble person. U can visit him for almost all the problems and come back satisfactorily. Good going Doc. Keep it up.
    Gursimran Singh
  • Dr. Thind always takes time with me, he answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion. I strongly recommend Dr. Thind. Thanks, best wishes
    Randeep Singh Patiala
  • Dr. Thind is the best homeopathic doctor in town. He listens to all the queries and doubts with immense patience and guides accordingly. My daughter was suffering from severe atopic dermatitis and now she is perfectly fine. I will always be thankful to god and Dr. Thind for helping us to get rid of this scary disease. Best best regards. ..
    Lovepreet Kaur
  • 👍👍 One of the best Homeo clik of the region run best renowned Homeo Doctor with many super specialties. All the best & May progress by leaps & bounds.
    Kewal Singh Saini
  • A clinician par excellence, great improviser and trendsetter in Homeopathy, a wonderful human being. Wish you tons of luck and glory, Sir 👍🏼
    Sanjay Swaroop
  • I thank them for the great compassionate experience they provided which enabled me to look more rationally into the problem I was dealing with and helped me come out of it successfully. God bless them both!
    Deepika Kapoor

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Homeopathic Doctor in Patiala

Are you the one looking for homeopathy treatment? This is actually the best idea to go with in order to avoid the risk of being unhealthy or damage your body from those blasting medications. With our natural healing and treatments we help our patients to gain great health and wellness soon and that is without experiencing any kind of discomfort or risks. We make sure to treat the person and not the disease and this makes us different from others.

Dr Thind

Dr Thind from Punjab is the names you can’t skip at all as he is one of the famous homeopathic physicians consider it better to treat the sick person rather than the disease. He is the one sit with his patient for one or two hours for soliciting information on how the patient feels, from what issues they are suffering from and check the history of the entire body and mind. Once he gets a whole picture of the patient, he ensures to give one of the best remedy for all of the symptoms. If you are looking for the Homeopathic doctor in Patiala, you must come to us and check how best we work for our patients coming all around the world. We encourage our patients to come up with the follow-up visits, which are the best to determine what additional methods or remedies are required so that balance and full health can be restored. We believe you to be the best version of yourselves, so for the best Homeopathic treatment come to us and get the best treatments, depending on the symptoms.

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Welcome to Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic

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