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About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is a system of alternative medicines discovered in 1796 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann which treats the patient as a whole and not just the disease.

Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes all symptoms of the ill as expressions of disharmony and treats the patient as a whole. Homoeopathy is both science and art providing medicines to cure the disease by awakening and stimulating the body’s own curable powers.

Homoeopathy is a long lasting, permanent cure, treating the disease from its root for most of the ailments. Homoeopathy is the most opted option amongst the system of medicine in upcoming times and it is universally applicable to all kinds of diseases.

How Homoeopathy works?

Homoeopathy is firmly based on the principles of nature with all the medicines being extracted from natural sources. Homoeopathic medicines are the drugs that provide relief from all the health problems with no side effects.

Homoeopathic treatment varies from individual to individual even if they are suffering from the same disease and it depends on the case history of each individual.

Why Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic?

Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic is northern India’s most advanced and experienced homoeopathic Clinic and has proven an unmatched track record with all types of diseases across the world. Dr. Thind has a personal experience of 20 years and has been using the expertise and special formulations of past four generations.

We use standard medication protocols and imported quality medicines for dispensing the medicines for best homoeopathic results.

 We provide treatment for acute, chronic, rare and incurable conditions of the disease. We take the detailed case history of the patient and provide the top most services. We also provide online consultation and dispatch medicines all over the world.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind

Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a global name in the homoeopathic field and has worked with top homoeopathic doctors of the world. The foundation of his experience are solid along with his great determination and faith.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind started his practice in 1998 and utilised all his knowledge in life time to contribute to the field of Homoeopathy.

 Dr. K.R.S. Thind is the first choice of patient from northern India and abroad because of new fourth generation, rapid, gentle, and permanent homoeopathic cure with latest and best quality German and American homoeopathic medicines and laser techniques.History down the lane

Generation I

Dr. K.R.S. Thind’s great grand father Sardar Dall Singh Thind from Lahore, Pakistan, had great interest about Homoeopathy. His curiosity to gain knowledge about Homoeopathy grew as it was an alternative form of medicine which was harmless and painless. During his visit to Germany , he interacted with many homoeopathic doctors and after seeing wonderful results,  he started studying about Homoeopathy and started his research in the field. He returned to India with many homoeopathic formulas and combinations to treat the sick. He treated his family members, friends, neighbours and other near and dears for free and this gave him immense satisfaction.

Generation II

Following the foot steps of his father, Sardar Sohan Singh Thind started treating his family members and near and dears with the traditional homoeopathic formulas and combinations at a very young  age of 14 years in Lahore, Pakistan. He looked up to his father and very keenly learned all his methods of treatment but his urge to learn about Homoeopathy did not satisfy. He travelled to many places and learned new methodologies of Homoeopathy and started treated patients with new combinations and methods.

Generation III

Dr. K.R.S. Thind’s father, Dr. Harbhajan Singh Thind was one of the pioneers who introduced Homoeopathy in Punjab after partition from Lahore, Pakistan. He laid the foundation of Dr. Thind’s Homoepathic Clinic in 1979, followed by his three sons:- Dr. Kamal Raj Singh Thind, Dr. Kamal Deep Singh Thind, and Dr. Kamal Roop Singh Thind along with his daughter in laws.

Dr. H.S. Thind had keen interest in Homoeopathy since childhood. Starting his professional life as a manager at Markfed, he was not satisfied with his job. He always wanted to serve the sick and needy. He used to take his box of medicines to his office and like his father and grandfather; he used to dispense homoeopathic medicines showing excellent results.

He was deeply impressed and felt the need to study Homoeopathy more. Like this forefathers, he travelled to different places like England and America to learn about Homoeopthy. He came in contact with many renowned doctors from India and abroad and discussed multiple cases and gained great respect among other doctors for his research work and formulations. He left his reputed job at Markfed and laid the strong foundation of Dr. Thind’s homoeopathic Clinic at Sheranwala Gate, Patiala, for future generations to come.

Generation IV

Dr. K.R.S. Thind with his great determination, expertise and faith took this Dr. Thind’s homoeopathic Clinic to  great heights of success. Dr. K.R.S. Thind is a global name in Homoepathic field today. By the blessings of god and his hardwork, he took the setup of his father to great height and became one of the topmost physician, researcher and doctor.

He is an internationally renowned doctor, writer and researcher of homoeopathic system of medicine. He is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of diseases followed by knowledge of medicines, classification of diseases, higher level of experience and his parental guidance brought much more clarity in curing the sick. He has presented his research work in various international conferences and won many awards and certificates all the world including United states, Canada, Germany , England and China.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind is not only a successful doctor but on the personal level, he is also very social, disciplined and humble person. He is always ready to help all types of people irrespective of age, caste, poor or rich.

Dr. K.R.S. Thind has been contributing for the free homoeopathic Medical camp services all over India. His main purpose is to promote Homoeopathy in both rural and urban places in India and abroad.

Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Thind

Dr. Prabhjot Kaur is a self motivated and ambitious women with a positive attitude whose priority is always the good health of the patients. Her hard work, sincerity and dedication are completely denoted to the promotion of Homoeopathy and she motivates her clients very well regarding their health.

Dr. Prabhjot has completed B.H.M.S. from Baba Farid University of health sciences, Faridkot. She has been successfully practicing Homoeopathy since 18 years. She has done P.G. diploma in Clinical cosmetology (PGDC), post graduate diploma in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine (PGDCM) from Medvarsity, Apollo. She is a live member of institute of laser and aesthetic medicine (ILAMED) India, recognised and affiliated by the University of Greifsword, Germany.

She is actively running Dr. Thind’s H.H.C.D. aesthetic laser centre. Her warmth and patience makes it a very comfortable doctor-patient interaction.

 Upcoming generation:

Dr. Manpreet Singh Thind:

Dr. Manpreet Singh Thind is very young, dynamic and on the continuous quest of ever learning and growing. He has done his B.H.M.S. from Panjab University Chandiagrh.

Following this footsteps of his father, he has an extra ordinary strength to understand the patient that enable him to offer quick prescription. He is further pursuing research work in Homoeopathy in the United states.

  Ms. Tanveer Thind:

Tanveer is also following footsteps of her father, Dr. K.R.S. Thind and is pursuing Homoeopathy from Panjab University, Chandiagarh. She also looks forward in practising Homoeopathy and treating and curing the sick.

Mr. Udayveer Singh Thind:

Udayveer is the youngest in the upcoming generation. Though, he is yet to complete his schooling, he has keen interest in Homoepathy and is completely mentally prepared to pursue his family profession.

Dr. Thind’s  team:

Dr. Thind’s homoeopathic Clinic is successfully being run by  Dr. K.R.S. Thind and Dr. Prabhjot Thind, four junior doctors and a team of 15 paraMedical staff.

ParaMedical staff:

The paraMedical staff is a team of 15 staff members with some members working for more than 25 years. They all are skilled workers dispensing medicines with keeping all the Medical conditions intact and following the basic instructions and rules of preparing medicines.

Dr. Ridima ( B.H.M.S.)

Dr. Ridima is working as assistant doctor in Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic. She completed her Graduaton from Solan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Solan. She is having more than 2 years of experience in the field of Homoeopathy.

Dr. Bandna (B.H.M.S. )

Dr. Bandna is working as assistant doctor in Dr. Thind’s homoeopathic Clinic. She did her graduation (B.H.M.S.) from Solan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Solan. She is having an experience of 3 years and has been associated with Dr. Thind’s Homoeopathic Clinic since 8 years.

Dr. Svatika (B.H.M.S.)

Dr. Svatika is working as assistant doctor at Dr. Thind’s homoeopathic Clinic and is taking care of new patients by taking complete case history. She has completed her graduation from Panjab University Chandigarh.

Best Homeopathic Remedies

Are you looking for the best Homeopathic remedies near me? You have landed at the right place where you will find the organic and ultimate solutions for all the health to skin related issues.

Dr Thind is here very experienced and ensures providing the relaxed and friendly consultations at the clinic. As homeopathy is a natural, gentle and effective system of medicine that provides ultimate and quick healing, so come to us and let us treat each person with great remedies. With the aim of stimulating our patients’ own healing ability we also provide the Best Homeopathic remedies for the fastest recovery. Dr Thind being one of the best homeopaths selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual’s specific symptoms, the conditions and personal level of health. Additionally, he focuses on an integrated, holistic approach in order to increase the well-being under medical supervision, hence visit to the one-stop clinic for enjoying Homeopathic healing, preventive health care & fitness improvement. Dr. Thind is both as an inspiring teacher and a successful homoeopath is based on his extensive years of experience from his very busy clinical practice.

Homeopathic Medical Doctor

Still searching for Homeopathic medical doctor? You must concentrate talking to us and we strive to provide safe and natural healthcare for the whole family. We are specialised in the treatment of acute to chronic ailments and ensure utilising a unique style of Homeopathy. Expecting that fast, effective and top-notch Homeopathic healthcare might be expensive? On the contrary, our rates are very reasonable and our great remedies and treatments are also claimable through most private healthcare insurance funds. So, what are you waiting for? If you find the best medical practitioner near me, talk to our experts and have ultimate healing, remedies and the most established natural therapies for great wellness. Call us for the appointment today!

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