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Dr. Thind’s team

Dr. Thind’s homeopathic Clinic is successfully being run by Dr.
K.R.S. Thind and Dr. Prabhjot Thind, four junior doctors and a team
of 15 paramedical staff.

ParaMedical staff

The paraMedical staff is a team of 15 staff members with some
members working for more than 25 years. They all are skilled
workers dispensing medicines with keeping all the Medical
conditions intact and following the basic instructions and rules of
preparing medicines.

Dr. Manpreet Singh Thind


Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Thind


Ms. Tanveer Thind


Dr. Bandna (B.H.M.S. )


Dr. Ridima ( B.H.M.S.)


Dr. Svatika (B.H.M.S.))


Best Homeopathy Doctor in India

Seeking for the best homeopathy doctor in India? You have landed at the right place as Dr. Thind is here to treat the patients in all aspects they are suffering from. Being one of the best Homeopaths he understands that symptoms of disease are evidence of the body’s natural effort to heal it and using the clues he guides the patients when prescribing a remedy.

We are the best homeopathy clinic in India and with us get a chance to meet up with the doctors will ask detailed question on all aspects of your health and wellness to help you with the best solutions. With us initial consultations can be long or could last an hour so that we can treat our patients with good understanding and offering them the best solutions. Our Homeopathic doctor will make sure to establish good health by treating both mind and body, so we take time to listen to your emotional and physical symptoms to treat you in the best manner.

Homeopathic Doctor

Moreover, to stimulate your body’s own healing process, our Homeopathic staff offers a remedy closest to your individual symptom so that the healing procedures begins to strengthening your health and immune system, without any danger of producing any side effects. We can treat any kind of health issues, no matter how uncomfortable, small or big they are, and ensure your body to attempt to restore itself to health. So instead of trying down lots of things we would use a remedy that will stimulate the body to move in the direction it is already going, and, this way you will get quick help from all the issues you are facing. Our doctors are the best as they make sure to go with the regular supervision ensure patients are supported with lively discussions and discerning observation. For quick and best homeopathy treatment in India, call us today!


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