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Cortisone is no more effective as long term treatment for Vitiligo
· Steroids may help initially for a short time
· Steroid lead to relapse of Vitiligo
· Steroids treated relapse is more severe, more complex
· Steroids treated vitiligo is more difficult to treat
· It is wise to avoid steroid during any stage of Vitiligo
· Steroid puts you to the vicious cycle of dependency
· Steroid dependents have to come out of the vicious cycle

In our experience and as per the medical philosophy of homoeopathy, cortisone in any form (oral, systemic or local) is not a wise option for treating Vitiligo. As per the homoeopathic approach and the philosophy, cortisone is a suppressing measure and there are all chances of relapse after stopping the use of cortisone

It has been observed in daily practice, that, use of cortisone produces dramatic result initially. However, its influence is quite superficial, as the eruptions not only relapse after stopping the steroids, but they relapse more aggressively. The use of steroids is not recommended due to the following observations:

1. It helps only superficially and temporality
2. Stopping of the steroids eventually leads to the reappearance of eruptions
3. The eruption, which relapses after the use of steroids, are more resistant than before
4. The extent of eruptions increase after stopping the steroids in most cases
5. Steroids produce side effects by hampering the immunity, lowering resistance, disturbing hormonal cycle, etc.

Let us talk a bit more about suppression with cortisone. As we understand, Vitiligo is just an expression of some inner disharmony. Cortisone simply masks the eruption without treating the inner cause. Such a measure is understood to be suppressive. Homoeopathy is against any use of local cream for treating any skin disease in general and Vitiligo in particular. Non-suppressive treatment is considered superior for any medical disorder.

Homoeopathic Treatment of Vitiligo:
The homoeopathic treatment could be explained in two parts:

                               The Homoeopathy Approach
It is important and interesting to appreciate the homoeopathic outlook to Vitiligo. The science of homoeopathy looks at any skin disorder as an external expression of the internal disharmony. In other words, it is understood that due to certain internal system disorder, the Vitiligo is manifested as an outcome. With this appreciation, it is emphasized that the treatment of Vitiligo has to be essentially in order to normalize the internal disorder instead of just suppressing the skin eruptions with any local application of creams.

As per the above logical theory, Vitiligo is not a local disease but a local expression of a systemic disease, which should be treated at the system level in a planned manner. Hence, any use of local suppressant is strictly prohibited in homoeopathy. The homoeopathy treatment is determined after evaluation of the patient's case in a great detail. The case-study is the most vital part of the treatment, whereby various aspects of the patient's life-style, personality, food-habits, emotional make-up, personal and the family history are evaluated appropriately to decide on the correct medication to treat Vitiligo.

As the entire constitution (physical and mental) of the patients is evaluated in a systematic manner, the homoeopathic treatment is called as the constitutional treatment'.

How does the constitutional treatment help?
The very significance of the constitutional treatment in homeopathy is to 'treat the patient as a whole' or 'patient as a person' which is directed to heal the body-mind system from within. The constitutional treatment helps the body's own healing mechanism, enhances body's self-recovery capacity hence leading to a long term cure.

Homoeopathy: Natural approach:
Needless to say, that the entire homoeopathy treatment, since based on the natural law of cure, is essentially safe and absolutely harmless.

                               The Homoeopathic Treatment
After the individual case study, one homoeopathic remedy is selected which suits the particular patient who has Vitiligo. As you can imagine, the remedy for every patient with Vitiligo may be deferent depending on his or her constitution.

There are over 3000 medicines in homoeopathy used for a range of problems. About twenty or more are often indicated for the cases of Vitiligo. The homoeopathic medicines are prepared from a wide range of substances such as the vegetable, herbs, minerals, chemicals, animal products, etc. The methodology applied in the making of the homoeopathic medicines is unique and revolutionary. Please refer to this for more information.

The homoeopathic medicine selected for the patient is administered in a very small dose, which is expected to stimulate the healing process.

The duration of treatment:
Vitiligo is a deep-seated and obstinate skin condition, which is often resistant to treatment of any form. The total length of treatment varies form case to case, depending of various factors such as:
(a) The duration of eruptions
(b) The extent of spread of the eruptions
(c) The general health of the patient.

The treatment is usually long term. One may expect a definite change in about three to five months, depending on the extent. The total length of medication may be anything between six months to two years or so.

Why homoeopathy for Vitiligo?
The major benefits of homoeopathy could be summarized as under:
· It is constitutional, hence there is deep-level heading and recovery.
· It is long-lasting cure instead of temporary relief.
· It is absolutely harmless, safe and non-toxic.
· The over all success rate at our center is over 75%.

The Limitations of homoeopathy:
· It is relatively slow acting as compared to the steroids.
· Since the treatment is patient specific and not disease specific, it involves in-depth study of the individual case. Homoeopathic practitioners in all the countries may not be adequately trained to handle such cases.
· The success rate is not 100%.

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