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Treatment of Vitiligo:
Vitiligo has always puzzled physicians of all walks. However, homoeopathy system offers reasonably positive treatment, if not cure, in
all the cases.

Homoeopathy approach:
As a rule, homoeopathy never looks at Vitiligo as a local disease. Vitiligo has been considered as a local expression of a system disturbance. As per the classical homoeopathy, we believe in constitutional prescribing. This calls for individual case study in every case of Vitiligo. There is no single specific remedy for all the cases of Vitiligo. The exact treatment is determined only on in-depth evaluation of individual case.

What is the Constitutional Approach?
What we understand by the Constitutional Approach in homeopathy is nothing but analysis and evaluation of various factors affecting the human constitution to determine the disease diagnosis and the exact treatment in turn. Every case of Vitiligo calls for study of the patient's constitution which includes various aspects of his physical aspects as well as the in-depth study of the mental sphere, such as emotions, psychosocial background, behavior and personality pattern, etc.
The homeopathic remedy selected in every case after such a detail study is called the constitutional medicine, which when administered in the correct dose brings about harmony at the constitutional level, stimulating the normal pigmentation and hence induces normal skin coloration. It will be of interest to note that the homeopathy medicines are essentially oral and not in the form of creams, lotions or any local application on the skin.

Is Vitiligo curable with homoeopathy?
Yes, homoeopathy offers an excellent treatment and a hope to most cases of Vitiligo. Based on a study at our center, it can be said that the answer broadly depends of the following criteria:
Duration of Vitiligo
Extent of spread

Duration of Vitiligo:
Those cases of recent origin respond much better than ones which are more than 10 years duration. Children and young people have shown better results in our experience.

Extent of spread:
Single or a few spots (2 to 9) respond better than those which are very large (more than 5 inches in size). Those individuals having only a single spot have excellent cure rate. The cases with generalized spread and affection of finger- tips, toes, corners of the mouth and eyes have shown no results in our experience.
It may be noted that we do not undertake treatment of extensive cases of vitiligo as the results are not encouraging.

Duration of homeopathic treatment:
Vitiligo being a chronic and long-standing disorder, it takes time to show results. Larger and older spots take longer time. Exact time can not be predicted. However, improvement begins within 4 to 8 weeks in most cases. The length of treatment should be considered as over 6 months to one year or more.

Can homoeopathy treatment be taken with other therapy?
This is a commonly asked question. The answer is yes.

Are there some side effects of homeopathy medicines?
The homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the nature's principles of cure. They are 100% non-toxic, absolutely harmless and free from any side effects whatsoever.

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